Diploma in Translation Distance Education 必讀資訊


Diploma in Translation Distance Learning Program





Translation Distance Learning Program

(Total: 16 UNITS)

港幣 8,800

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*Course material only. No Classroom teaching involved.

Course Regulations:

1. All courses are open to those who can benefit from further education. No formal education qualification is required except when otherwise specified. Our course is conducted for the academic benefit of the students. The availability of the examination in Hong Kong is beyond our control.
2. The Course is intended to be completed in a one-year timeframe. However, to maintain flexibility, a student may complete the course at their own pace, at an earlier date, but not later than 12 months from the Course start date. Upon completion of all standard assignments and internal exams, the student will be entitled to a Certificate of Completion.
3. Course materials will be sent out to students through email in PDF format, consisting of Modules I & II, with a total of 16 Units. The students have to study the course materials at their own pace, and submit assignments for the Instructor's revision and marking. The assignments must be submitted in WORD format to be revised. Any scripts copied from model answers will be disqualified.
4. The Course will mainly cover preparation (mainly from English into Chinese) for the Diploma in Translation Examination. However it is the student's responsibility to be aware of the Exam Centre arrangements as conducted by the Hong Kong Examination & Assessment Authority (香港考試及評核局) and the exam fees will be borne by students.
5. The institute reserves the right to make alterations regarding the instructions and arrangements of the course offered when necessary. The course copyright is reserved by LRI. In no circumstances should the student publish, print, copy or transfer the course materials to any other third party. These materials are exclusively for the student's own private use.
6. The Course fees are not refundable. Upon filling the form above and having submitted to us, you agree to abide by these course regulations.


1、 電滙或入數可經任何銀行匯到: 香港恒生銀行
户口帳號 : 024-280-407859-001 (英國語言文化中心)
2、 學費可劃線支票或匯票抬頭寫 : ( 英國語言文化中心 - Language Review Institute )
寄到: 香港筲箕灣道283號海景廣場1602室

Remittance by bank transfer from overseas please remit to:

Hang Seng Bank ( Sort code HASEHKHH ) No: 80 Des Voeux Rd. Central Hong Kong. A/C Name: Language Review Institute A/C No: 280-407859-001

4、 如需使用信用咭付款,請通知本中心發出付款通知書。